The Services Provided By A Full-Service Moving Company: All You Do Is Supervise

The thought of moving probably exhausts you. All of that planning, packing, preparing, boxing, disassembly, reassembly, and so on probably has you feeling drained before you even get started. Skip all that and hire a full-service moving company. Here are all the things that this type of moving company provides; all you have to do is supervise. 

Wrap, Box, and Organize

On the day of your move, get up and get ready for a busy day. Enjoy leisurely cups of coffee because you do not have to do a thing. When the movers arrive, they will bring in boxes, newspaper, packing peanuts, and so on and will begin wrapping everything up that needs to be wrapped and box everything as they go. They will do one room at a time, load that room onto the truck in an organized fashion, and start on the next room in the same manner. You can help if you like, but most customers choose to sit back and watch the movers get the job done. 


As the movers go along, they will eventually come to pieces of furniture. Most of what is in a living room either does not have to be disassembled or cannot be disassembled (e.g., the couch). As for the bedrooms, there will be beds and dressers that may need to be taken apart before being loaded onto the truck. There may also be very heavy pieces of furniture that have to be taken apart because they cannot be lifted as is. The best part is that you do none of this; the movers do it all for you. 


If you need to put things in storage, or if you need to get all of your things out of storage because you will not be living in close proximity to the storage unit anymore, simply let your movers know. They can put things in storage for you and often provide you with a company storage unit if you need it. They can also meet you at your storage unit and move everything out of the unit and onto the truck so that none of your belongings are left behind. 

Unpacking and Reassembling

The best full-service movers take pictures of how you had everything set up in the old home so that when the movers unload the truck and start unpacking, they can reference the pictures to see exactly where you had everything. All you have to do is tell the movers where you want all of the furniture, and the movers do the rest. Call full-service moving companies today to get started.