4 Tips For Moving Antiques

If you're a collector of antiques — whether they be furniture, jewelry, dinnerware, or other items — then you could have tens of thousands of dollars' in value wrapped up in your collectible items. As such, the idea of moving them all to your new home can be a little overwhelming. What if something breaks? What if it's lost in shipping? To calm your fears and keep your items safe, follow these tips.

1. Wrap everything yourself.

Most moving companies will pack and wrap your items for you. While they are likely to do a good job, you are better off packing and wrapping your antique items yourself, because you know the items better than anyone else. You know which pieces are fragile and need extra protection and which materials can't be wrapped up in plastic. Doing this part yourself also gives you better peace of mind. When you're all done, label each of the boxes that contain antiques "fragile" and specifically point them out to your movers, reminding them to be careful with them.

2. Photograph your items.

If something does become damaged in shipping, most moving companies have an insurance policy that will pay you for the damages. But with older items, it's hard to prove that the damage actually happened in transit. Take pictures of all of your antiques before you wrap and pack them. Examine each item after it arrives in your new home so that you catch any damage quickly.

3. Hire professionals to transport the items.

It may be tempting to ship the antiques yourself in your own vehicle, but actually, you are better off hiring pros for this part. They know just how to stack and stabilize boxes in a moving truck so they don't shift. They will also get everything packed up and moved much faster, which means your antiques won't spend as long outside or in a humid truck.

4. Have items appraised if you're not sure of their value.

If you have any highly valuable items, you may want to have them appraised before you move. This way, if the value exceeds what your moving company's standard insurance policy covers, you can purchase additional insurance to ensure your items are fully covered. 

Moving antiques can be a bit or a nail-biting process, but as long as you follow the tips above, your items should be kept safe and secure throughout the move. Contact a residential moving service like Worth Moving in order to learn more.