4 Common Threats Goods Face In Self-Storage Units

If you are planning to store some items in a self-storage unit, you should be aware of the threats the said items will face in the unit and take measures to preempt them. The specific threats will depend on different factors including the types of items you have in store. However, the following threats are common to almost all goods kept in self-storage.


Insecurity is one of the most common reasons people take their items to self-storage facilities. A typical self-storage facility has better security than a typical residential house. However, you should not assume that all storage facilities or units are secure, especially if you are storing valuable items. Here are some of the things to look out for if you want a secure storage unit:

·         Door alarms

·         controlled access

·         surveillance video system

·         physical barriers such as electric fences

·         human guards

Talking to the facility's manager will usually give you a good idea of how secure the premises are.

Weather Elements

Damage from weather elements is another reason people take their valuables to self-storage facilities. For example, storing things in your basement may lead to a serious loss if your basement floods, but storage units are protected from flood damage. Even subtle weather-related damage such as those that occur due to uncontrolled humidity or temperature fluctuations are less likely to occur in self-storage units, especially if you opt for units with climate-control.

Physical Damage

There are several ways in which stored items can suffer physical damage in storage. For example, stacked boxes can fall, vibrations from nearby construction equipment can cause glasses to crack, and delinquent teens can vandalize your stored boxes. If you are storing goods in a self-storage unit, both you and the storage facility have parts to play to avoid physical damage. For example, it's your duty to ensure you don't stack boxes carelessly and the storage unit must protect your items from vandalism.

Pest Attack

Pest is another threat that both you and the storage unit have to watch out for. Do your part by ensuring that you only store dry items (pests thrive in moist places), and your items go into the storage unit pest-free. The storage facility also has to take pest-prevention measures, for example, by clearing bushes that may attract rodents near the units.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you keep your goods safe in storage. You can also talk to the facility's management for further tips on how to protect your valuables. For more information, contact your local self-storage services.