Steps To Complete During The Few Days Before Your Move

Moving is not something most people look forward to, yet it can be an extremely exciting event even though it involves so much work. If you are moving to a house that is relatively close to your current one, moving will be slightly easier than if you were performing a long-distance move. The close distance between your two homes can allow you to complete a lot of important tasks before you actually move in, and here are some of the tasks you may want to do in your new home during the week before you move.

Deep Clean The Home

During a move, it is always nice if you can have access to the home you are moving to at least one week prior to the day the moving company will be relocating your stuff. This one-week time period will allow you to get a lot of tasks completed in your new home, and this will make your move run a lot smoother. One of the first things you should do when you obtain access to your new home is deep clean the entire thing. By doing this, your movers can deliver all your things to a clean home, and you will not have to try to clean the house while working around all your furniture and boxes.

If your new home will need any minor repairs, such as painting, you should aim to have these things completed too before you move. The goal is to have the entire new home ready for you to move in and begin unpacking and living right away.

Set Up Your Bathrooms

After you clean your home, you should work on the bathrooms next. It's not hard to make do in a house you just moved into if there are boxes sitting around, but it can be miserable if you need a shower and cannot locate the things you need for this. This is why you should make sure you fully set up your bathrooms (or at least one of your bathrooms) before you move in. This should include the following steps:

  • Hanging up a shower curtain if the shower does not have a door
  • Placing your shower supplies (soap, shampoo, etc.) in the shower
  • Having towels and wash clothes in your bathroom to use for your shower

These are the necessities you will need to take a shower on your first day in your new house, and you will be glad you set these things up before moving day.

Plan Your Meals For The First Couple Days

While it may be hard to cook meals on moving day, or on the few days following moving day, you should at least plan meals and snacks for these days. Planning meals does not have to involve cooking, but it should involve creating a list of what you plan on eating.

For example, on the night you move in, you may want to plan to have pizza delivered to your home. If so, know which pizza restaurants deliver and choose one to call on your first night. In addition, make sure you save the pizza restaurant's phone number on your phone to make ordering it simpler and less of a hassle. You may also want to plan meals for the next day too, and you can do the same thing - choose restaurants that deliver and have food brought to your home.

As you plan your meals, make sure your kitchen is stocked with the following items:

  • Paper plates
  • Napkins
  • Disposable silverware
  • Drinks and cups
  • Garbage can and bags for your trash

Moving is hard work, but it can be less exhausting and frustrating with proper planning and preparation. Another good way to reduce the stress of moving is by hiring a moving company. A moving company can handle the hard work for you, and they can also offer you moving supplies and tips to help make your move stress-free.