Moving To A Senior Living Community But Having Trouble Letting Go? Tips For You

Eventually, there may come a time in your life when you need to make some major changes in your life and move from your family home of many years to a senior living community or assisted living center. When this time comes though, you might find also find yourself struggling to deal with the transition and to let go of your home and all of the possessions that you have accumulated over the years. There are many different ways that you can deal with this issue so you can move forward with the transition process without feeling so stressed or upset about it.

Consider Giving Some of Your Items to Children or Grandchildren

One of the ways to make paring down your possessions seem less traumatic and troublesome is to try to give some of those items to your family members. Essentially, you will still be keeping things in your family and could potentially help your children and grandchildren out at the same time.

For example, if you have a guest bed that is in good shape or a complete bedroom or living room furniture set, your family members may appreciate the upgrade or the extra help. If you children have younger kids, they may be at the point of needing to get the child a larger bed. You could solve their problem for them by giving them one. Other items could have sentimental value and meaning to both you and the family members that you give them to making you feel good rather than bad about reducing the amount of possessions you have.

Rent a Storage Unit for Some of the Extras You Cannot Part With

Nobody says that you need to get rid of everything from your family home all at once when you are moving to a senior living community. What cannot fit in your new apartment but you are having a tough time parting with can go into storage for a short or long period of time.

Storage units are available in a wide variety of sizes from just a small closet to being large enough to fit the contents of a small house. Choose a storage unit that will fit all of the possessions you want to hold onto for now and move those items in there. That way, you can still access them whenever you want and can take your time deciding what you are going to do with them. Do not force yourself to get rid of an item that you are not ready to when there is another option available to you. Rushing through an important transition will only make it unpleasant.

With those tips in mind, you can begin the process of moving to a senior living community from your family home and better handle it if you have a hard time letting go.