Which Self-Moving Mistakes Are You Making?

To some people, packing up and moving belongings seems like a great way to save on expenses. In reality, moving mistakes could result in even more expenses from damaged items and costly delays. If you are planning on self-moving, here are just a few mistakes that could lead to more money out of your pocket.  

Choosing the Wrong Rental Truck

Heading to your local moving truck rental company and selecting a truck to move your belongings seems like an easy task, right? In reality, the wrong truck selection could mean more work for you and your helpers and more money spent on the move. 

If you rent a truck that is too small, you will have to make more trips to get all of your belongings to the new house or apartment. If the truck is too large, you will end up wasting time working to secure your belongings in the extra space. Worse yet, you will pay more for a truck that you did not even need.  

Before renting the truck, take the time to estimate how much stuff you have. You can use the estimate to select a truck. The rental company likely has suggestions on truck sizes based on the amount of items that need to be moved.  

Failing to Observe Safety Measures

Moving is not only a time consuming task, it can be a painful one. While moving your possessions, you must practice safety. If not, you or your helpers could be injured. The medical bills from treating an injury could inflate your total moving expenses.  

If a helper is hurt, you not only have to worry about paying for his or her medical expenses, but possibly face a lawsuit for other damages. Your helper could choose to sue for lost wages and pain and suffering. Even if you are the only one that is injured, you still could miss out on work, which means lost income.  

To avoid these possible scenarios, you can provide safety equipment for your helpers. You can also review safe practices for moving items with everyone before starting the move. You should keep those who are most vulnerable, such as children and pets, away from the move, if possible.  

To keep your moving expenses within reason, consider contracting with professional household movers. The movers will not only observe safety measures, but they will get your belongings from your current home to the new home without any delays. 

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